Autorun Eater

Autorun Eater

Friday, March 7, 2008 | Tags: , ,
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Have you ever heard about autorun or autoplay? Autorun or autoplay is an ability of operating system to automatically take some action upon the insertion of removable media such as CD-Rom, DVD-Rom or Flash media.

AutoRun is intended as a convenience feature: software distributed on a disc can automatically start an installer when the disc is inserted. However, autorun can pose a security threat, when the user does not expect or intend to run the software, such as in the case of some viruses, which takes advantage of this feature to propagate.

For instance, an attacker with brief and casual physical access to a computer can surreptitiously insert a disc and cause software to run. Alternately, malicious software can be distributed with a disc that the user doesn't expect to contain software at all -- such as an audio compact disc. Even music CDs from well known name-brand labels have not always been safe.

Since the viruses are capable to creaive.te their own autorun file to spread them selves, so it is the best to prevent the autorun from act This can be done by using a software called Autorun Eater. This software will delete the autorun file which been created by viruses. This simple software is lightweight and easy to use. You can download it from HERE FOR FREE. You also can use Antivirus to prevent but the virus take time to update their virus definition. So it is the best to prevent it from the start.

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3 Responses to Autorun Eater

  1. wormbrain Says:
  2. I'm not sure why you would want to install this program, being that autorun is easily disabled in Windows.

  3. Roy Says:
  4. well, that is for advance user, but for a normal user, they wont bother to disable it..and the Autorun.inf also can set you double click to open drive as an asset to spread the virus.

  5. Anonymous Says:
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