Laptop Cooling Guide

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Does your notebook run hot or overheat? If it does, you are not alone. This guide is designed to help you reduce the temperature of your notebook considerably, all for little or no money and a few tweaks.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damages caused if you use this guide. Be careful and all will be fine, but do proceed at your own risk!

Step 1: Fan Cleaning

Cost: $0-$7

Time: 10 to 15 Minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Applies to: Everyone

Maintaining your notebook is important. The occasional wipe down is good, but that doesn't take care of the inside. Dust accumulates inside the notebook's cooling system after a while. It prevents air from flowing freely and traps heat.
In order to get the dust out, you need a few supplies. The best way to get the heat out is with some canned compressed air, but that will cost you about $5 - $7 per can, depending on the store. It is well worth the money in my opinion. It can also be used to blow out the keyboard and other places in and on your notebook, such as ports. A cheaper but less effective way of getting dust out is by using a cotton swab and a handheld vacuum cleaner. I will show you how to do both.
Before you start, turn off the notebook completely, unplug it from the wall, and take out the battery. Push down the power button a few times to drain any electricity running around.
You must open up your notebook to access the fan(s). Turn the notebook upside down, and look for the compartment(s) where the fan(s) are. I suggest placing a towel under your notebook so the top doesn't get scratched. Unscrew all the screws holding down the compartment and carefully remove it. Place it and the screws in a safe place where they won't roll away.

With the internals of your notebook exposed, don't touch any of them -- oil from your hands is not good to get on the components, and you want to minimize the risk of damaging anything.

Using canned air:
Open the package, read the directions on how to use the canned air -- it is very straightforward -- point and shoot. Before you start blasting the air into your notebook, squirt it a couple of times to get any moisture out of the nozzle. Once nothing but air comes out of the can, then you are ready to start. Hold the nozzle about 1-2 inches away from the fans and other dust-coated components and use quick bursts to blow any crud off. Be sure to blow out the fan and heat vents too, not just the physical fan. That's all you need to do. Some packages of canned air come with a plastic tube which you can insert into the nozzle. It helps concentrate the airflow. I recommend using this if your package has it -- you can get hard to reach places easier and it is more effective.
Using cotton swabs:
Take the cotton swabs and brush off all the fan blades and anything else that has dust on it. Once the swab is coated in dust, flick it with your fingers to clear the dust off of it. Don't use the same swab the whole time, get a new one after a couple of uses.
When you are finished, get the handheld vacuum cleaner and suck up all the dust. Don't touch the notebook with the vacuum. Use your lung power to blow out the dust and help the vacuum cleaner as well. Repeat the steps above if there is still dust you missed in there. Get out as much as you can.

Number Two: Cooling Pad
Cost: $15-$30
Time: 1-2 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Applies to: Everyone
A cooling pad is the best possible investment you can make for cooling down your computer. They increase the airflow under the computer, and greatly help the cooling system.
There are many different coolers on the market.There are various types of cooling pad. You can choose it depend on what design you like.

Number Three: Undervolting
Cost: $0
Time: 10-15 min (install, set voltage), 1.5-2.5 hours to test
Difficulty: Moderate-Hard
Applies to: Technical/More Advanced users
This is not a step everyone can use -- my guide only applies to an Intel Pentium M (Sonoma) processor.
Undervolting is a no-cost way of cutting down heat and power consumption in your notebook by reducing the amount of CPU voltage. It also increases battery life.
You will need a program to undervolt -- I will be using Notebook Hardware Control (NHC) for my Intel CORE i3 M380 (2.53GHz) CPU. This software will automatically configure your laptop for the most suitable setting to reduce the power usage and cooling down your laptop.

Step Four: Arctic Silver 5
Cost: $7-$30
Time: 20-40 minutes to apply
Difficulty: Hard
Applies to: Advanced users
Arctic Silver 5 (AS5) is a thermal compound made of 99.9% pure silver. It can take off up to ten degrees from your CPU, which is substantial. Keep in mind that this isn't the easiest option, but can yield excellent results if done right.
Before you buy AS5, make sure you can get direct access to your CPU. If you cannot, then this step is not possible.

A view of my notebook's CPU with the heatsink removed.
Turn off your notebook, unplug it, and remove the battery and bottom compartments to access the CPU. You may need to remove the heatsink or fan assemblies above the CPU. The rest of the procedure can be found on Arctic Silver's website in thorough detail, more than I could type up for you here. Link to procedure.
After allowing the Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound to set for the recommended 200 hours, I have seen a 3 C drop in temperature -- it gets better over time. Up to seven degrees can be taken off.
I also noticed a difference in the amount of heat put off at full throttle. My notebook's fans do not come on nearly as often as they used to because the peak temperature is lower by 2 C.

By: Charles Jefferies

Top 3 Proxy Software

Monday, April 25, 2011 | Tags:
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1. Freegate

The Freegate proxy software supports both English and Chinese languages, you can download and run it without any installation.

When Freegate runs, it will automatically open Dynaweb homepage in IE, which you can turn off in the settings. For any other browser, you can set the browser HTTP proxy to

2. Ultrasurf

The free proxy software UltraSurf also supports English and Chinese, and you can also download and run it without any installation.

When UltraSurf runs, it will automatically open Ultrareach homepage in IE, and of course you can turn it off in the settings. For any other browser, you can set the browser HTTP proxy to

2. GTunnel

The GTunnel proxy software also supports Chinese and English languages.

The most powerful feature of GTunnel is that you can access the proxy network with your GTalk or Skype account.

When GTunnel runs, it will automatically open Garden Networks homepage in IE, if you like to use GTunnel on any other browser, just set the browser HTTP proxy to

Easy to Apply Adsense Account

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 | Tags: ,
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Lately I've been reading/received a lot of offer regarding service to open adsense account. After receiving this spam in email, I asked my self, is it hard to be approved by Adsense? I don't know so I tried to apply one since my previous account was banned cause of invalid clicks(I don't know what that means). Below is the step I use to apply the account.

How to apply adsense account [author experience]

1. Create a blog from a free blog hosting. Here is the list some of free blog hosting:

2. Create 15-30 post in English. The more the better. Make sure that the date for the post you are backward. Example post 1 (25/12/2010), post 2 (12/20/2010), post 3 (12/14/2010) and so on. Try not make the intervene not too great from one another. This is because the if the intervene way too much, that will give the impression to google that you are lazy to make a post. DO NOT PING your post.

3. To make a post, if you are lazy, you can always get articles from the free articles sources. Such as ezine and goarticle. You don't have to change the sentence or spin the article or put the source location.

4.Then, if your blog already reached 15 posts, you can apply adsense account in a correct manner. Do not use black hat or use by any other name. Just use your name, address, and all self respect you. You will need a new gmail account since last ID was banned(if you were ban).

5. Wait for your adsense account to be approve.

Easy, right? They approveed my account within 3 days even though I already have a ban history. I have read one post from the forum, saying "if we are honest, uncle G also must be honest with us." Probably true what they said because if we intend wants to open an adsense account for blackhat tricks to fool the uncle G, you will not be entertained.

Get to Know About Free iPad Applications

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | Tags:
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Although it is said that most of the iPhone and iPod Touch applications can be downloaded into the iPad for use, it is not highly recommended to add all of the applications into the device. Instead, download only the free iPad applications that are necessary or those you really need. According to some reviews made by iPad users, the viewing of the original applications in the iPad is pretty disappointing. Original size appears too small while zooming in makes the application looks pixilated. Thus they would prefer to install optimized free applications into the iPad as these applications came out perfectly nice. One of such applications is the Evernote. You can install the Evernote and get an account for free in the MUO website. This application allows your notebooks to be displayed in icon forms. You can get a beautiful view of the icon with the content displayed right at the bottom. This is done with just a click on the notebook.

The Apple iBook is one of the famous free iPad apps. This is indeed a perfect and comprehensive application for eBook readers. Although you can read using the iPhone, doing the same in the iPad provides an entirely different experience. With the larger screen and more advanced technology, reading books using the iPad is similar to reading it in real. Besides, the iBook application offers the searching capabilities for iPad users.

The Fwix is one of the free applications that allow iPad users to download and read the latest and ongoing top news or stories. These stories are extracted from different sources. The clean and elegant interface of the iPad makes scanning headlines very convenient, easy and comfortable as well. Another great news application is the NPR. It is really useful in the iPad where you can access to the top news and stories via the NPR in both the written and radio formats. This iPad application also allows users to create a playlist to contain stories or save up news to read them later.

The Fluent News Reader is also one of the free iPad apps for news reading. With this application, you can download top news according to your preferred categories. They often come from well-know resources such as the CNN, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox News and others.

How to Pass Adobe Illustrator CS4 Exam 9A0-088 ?

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This article is about Adobe CS4 Exam 9A0-088 course, its prepration tips and its industry value along with Job benefits after CS4 Certification.About 9A0-088 Exam:

The 9A0-088 Exam validates a candidate's skill With Adobe Illustrator CS4. It recognizes your ability to use the features and functions of the software to create attractive illustrations, alter images and other artworks, retouch images, apply special effect on pictures, and introduce text and logos in an image. After passing this exam, you will become an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert). This test is crucial for you and if you want to appear the ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) certification.

9A0-088 Exam Course:

The exam covers following topics which are as follows:

* Working with illustrator documents
* Drawing and transforming objects
* Managing color and transparency
* Using type
* Controlling effects, appearance and graphic styles
* Building graphic objects
* Working with images
* Preparing for web and flash
* Preparing for print

Study tip for 9A0-088 Exam:

In order to get good percentage of marks in the 9A0-088 Exam, you need to have a fundamental knowledge of Adobe Illustrator CS4.

Recommendations for 9A0-088 Exam:

To do well in the exam, it needs lots of mock up tests that are available in various online websites which will give you an updated idea about the questions asked in the real test and also help you to manage time schedule of the exam which is only 95 minutes for 65 questions.

Industry Value of 9A0-088 Exam:

It can be difficult to get ahead in today's IT industry without having specific expertise. To stand out and be noticed, you need a bright way to tell the world about your efficiency. This exam certification is an industry standard of excellence and the ultimate best way to communicate your proficiency in Adobe Illustrator CS4.

Job benefits of 9A0-088 Exam:

The 9A0-088 Exam prepares you for various job benefits such as graphic designer, web designer, system integrator and developer. As an individual, this exam certified credential allows you to:

• Differentiate yourself from competitors.
• Get your resume highlighted.
• Attract and win new ventures.
• Gain honor from your employer.
• Enhance the power of the Adobe brand.

000-926: IBM Certified Deployment Professional-Maxi-mo

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This article is about IBM 000-926 Exam for IBM Certified Deployment Professional with study tips and guideline about passing it , job benefits and industry value.About 000-926 Exam:

The 000-926 Exam is to measure the skills of professionals responsible planning, testing, and deploying a Maximo V6 ITSM solution. Objectives of this exam are:
1. Business assessment
2. Design solution
3. Develop solution

Industrial Value of 000-926 Exam:

This IBM certification is both a journey and a destination. This certification validates one professional’s skills and demonstrates his proficiency in the latest IBM technology and solutions. So the industrial value of this exam certification is very high.

Job benefits of 000-926 Exam:

1. Recognize Maximo 6 ITSM features and functionally as they are implied.
2. Identify and document gaps between Maximo 6 IRSM product functionally and client requirements.
3. Identify problem resolution for the client
4. Identify Maximo 6 ITSM configuration settings
5. Identify how to apply customization based on design
6. Recognize how to load data to Maximo 6 ITSM
7. Identify how to unit test the solution.

000-926 Exam Course:

The 000-926 exam consists of 65 questions which have to be answered in 75 minutes and minimum pass score is 70%. Several courses and sample tests are offered to help you prepare for the certification tests. The sample test is designed to give you an idea of the contents and format of the questions that will be on the actual certification exam. Performance on the mock up test is not an indicator of performance in the certification exam and this should not be considered as an assessment tool.

Study Tips for the 000-926 Exam Course:

Study tip is when preparing for the exam, keep in mind that the real world experience is essential to stand a reasonable chance of passing the certification exam. Please note that courses materials are always being updated and added, so keep eyes always online. Courses materials do not replace the requirement for experience.

Recommendations for the 000-926 Exam:

It is highly recommended to read the objectives of this 000-926 exam certification that will describe high-level skills and knowledge which are applied to the Maximo V6 ITSM customer solution being implemented.

Certification for Google Analytics – It’s a Lucrative Career!

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This article is about Google Analytics Certification for Webmasters.

Are you really interested to become a true professional for analytics? Are you looking forward to generate a great career in the field of analytics? If so, then you need to opt for the certification process. All you need to take a whole new approach for the new Google analytics service! These days, you can avail Google analytics course and can complete it to become a certified member.

Before you opt for such certification, you need to understand what is the real mean of Google analytics? Once you are certified, how it can bring you help or benefits? Well, the answer is right here!

Google has designed this unique program in order to generate more users for Google analytics. People that have completed the certified course for Google Ad Words are having idea about Google Analytics.

So, what is the importance for drawing certification for Google analytics? If you are really interested to learn the processes involved for Google analytics, then you need to learn the Google course, which is a great idea! There are so many people who have opted for the Google course to learn Google analytics and they learned enough about it. These courses from Google are really important and you will get to know about its effectiveness while learning the whole process. If you are looking forward for the ways to become an expert in the Google Analytics, then its time to start offering services for Analytics. All you need to exhibit in the market that you are a professional in this field and got the training from Google. Having the certification in Google Analytics shows your ability.

Keep in mind that the competition level for the online marketing field is too high and in order to sustain in this type of market you need to have some perfect certifications such as a certification in Google Analytics! This can bring you a good professional career.

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