Windows Viruses

Windows Viruses

Monday, October 8, 2007 | Tags: ,
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Virus have been born since early 70's. The first case is there was a virus leaked out on the ARPANET, infecting the Tenex operating system. The virus can copy itself in the remote system and spread themselves through internet.

The most well known virus is "The Love Letter". This virus is the fastest virus that been discovered. It simply attack Outlook(mail browser), using the user's mailing list, it email itself to the recipients as a message, with an attachment holding the virus. The reason for its success was the attachments name "I love you". These three words would attract the recipient, who thought the mail came from the original user.The Love Letter caused $5.5 billion worth of damage. Not to be put to shame is the "Melissa" virus, named after a stripper in Florida, by it's creator, David L. Smith, which caused $80 million worth of damage in March 1999.

There are various ways to recover the data from most viruses. Experts use a combination of systems to recover data. It is best to rely on data recovery specialists than attempt to do it yourself. Each virus uses a different system and method to damage the hard drive, so the same rule does not apply to all.

Once you are aware that you have a virus, contact a professional to help you remove it, then a data recovery specialist to help recover your data that is lost. Some of them use antivirus program.

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