New Computer Virus

New Computer Virus

Monday, February 11, 2008 | Tags:
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Last week, my friend's personal computer have been infected by a new virus. At the time i wrote this article, this virus still don't have the cure. Even Kaspersky and Norton Anti Virus don't have the remedy for this virus. This virus will make your system slow and burden your internet connection. This virus use a mIRC as it agent to refresh the virus if you manually Kill in from process. The virus also have own system file that can shutdown your personal computer if you Kill the main Virus process. Even if you re-install fresh copy of windows, the virus is still there!!

Step 1
I've been study this virus for a while and i found a solution. If you want to remove this virus, you need to DELETE your partition first and the RE-CREATE your partition and FORMAT it. After that only you can install you fresh copy of windows. You must done all those three bold step before installing windows to get this virus been erased from your system.

Step2 (for those have more than 2 partition)
When you finished installing your windows, you should go to My Computer>Tools Menu>Folder Option. Then go to View tab and scroll down and un-tick "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and "Show hidden files and folder". Click OK and close your My Computer window.

Step3 (for those have more than 2 partition)
After that, push E key and window key on your keyboard together. This will bring Explore window. Using LEFT window in your explore window, click on your others partition (other than partition that you install windows). There you will see a hidden file named autorun.inf, f*cking.bat and a folder named HeLI. Delete them. Do same step on your other partition.

There, you are free from that virus. Hope this tips will help.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. A great information about protection of computer system from anti virus.Without proper Anti Virus it is very difficult to run the proper way in operating system.


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