How to make blog load faster

How to make blog load faster

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 | Tags:
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Speed is very important in everything especially in blogging. Do you like to wait 15 minutes to get what you search for? Me myself want to get what i looking for in a speed of flash! You need to apply this to your blog. You must make your blog load faster so your viewer will not wait too long to view your blog.

Have a couple ways to improve your loading of your blog. The first and most important but people less care is about your own post. Well, it's actually not your post but 'your post'. DO NOT include too much pictures in your post since loading picture will increase the waiting time since picture have big size, and big size need big time to load.

The other is about your post too. DO NOT display too much post in front of your blog. You should put maximum 3 post at your first page. Try to imagine, 1 page have 1 picture each and 1 picture have size around 3Mb. 3 pages will give 9Mb to load. Well, that not much, yeah. But what will happen if you put 7 posts at your first page? This will be 21Mb to load exclude your ASCII, your banner, sidebar, header etc. It's your call.

And to get optimum load speed, it's been suggested that you need to use the pre-made widget by the platform that you use.

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