Work Proxy Avoidance Site

Work Proxy Avoidance Site

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 | Tags:
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Hey guys, while i'm surfing the interent, my university isp always blocking the friendster and myspace site. When this getting annoying, i tried to search a good and work proxy avoidance site and i found them! Here are three work and good proxy avoidance site that i have found:

Unblock Myspace

But i face only 1 problem while surfing through this good and work proxy avoidance site, THEY ARE SLOW!!

Then i find another solution, change the IP address!! Here some IP changer site:

You can unblock websites/ use a differnt IP
with a proxy, use these
proxies, Super speed:

Some site will not work with some isp. Mightbe they have been blocked. Try and leave a comment. if you need other, tell me. I'll try to find the new one.

p/s:the https always work. subscribe so you will get my new post the fast way!!

This post is my older post about proxy avoidance that maybe you want to look. PAGE1 & PAGE2.

NEW UPDATE: Ultimate Proxy Avoidance Site

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