Make Computer Run Faster

Make Computer Run Faster

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 | Tags:
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Over time, a relatively fast computer can lose a lot of performance due to programs you rarely use loading when Windows starts. This is a relatively small problem to alleviate and you can do it without forking over $60 to your local computer dealer! This is one way to make your computer run faster:

1. Go to the Start menu and click on Run
2. When a small Run box pops up, type msconfig
3. You will be brought to a menu that says System Configuration Utility. Click on Startup
4. Here is a list of every program that starts when windows loads. What you want to do is uncheck the programs that you don't use often so they don't slow you down. This does not uninstall the program; it simply keeps it from starting up when you load windows. If you dont know what a certain program is, simply type it into Google. Take msmsgs, for example. When I type that into Google, I found out that its Windows Messenger. I don't use that crap so its gone!
5. Last but not least, if you arent sure about something even after looking it up on Google, just leave it alone. Better safe than sorry!

You'll be surprised at the number of programs starting up with Windows and it should make your computer run faster. A lot of times it will make a big difference. The End.

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