Antivirus : Kaspersky Internet Security

Antivirus : Kaspersky Internet Security

Tuesday, October 9, 2007 | Tags: ,
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Last time i talked about viruses. Now let me touch about the 'cure' for this viruses. I think everybody know about antivirus. There are a lot of antivirus nowadays. Freeware and need to buy.The antivirus is use to treat or clean computer which has been attacked by virus. The antivirus also can prevent virus from attacking. The problem is, what antivirus to choose. I personally suggest Kaspersky Internet Security(KIS). This KIS is antivirus either for home or business use. Their web at . The Kaspersky has the largest encyclopedia of viruses which mean it can detect most of the viruses rather than other antivirus. The KIS also monitor your every port and active line in and out, so it can prevent any attack either from malware, spam, virus, or hacker. The KIS is the best at version 6.0 and suitable for Windows XP. The 7.0 version is for Windows Vista. Off topic...Later i'll write about how to get free valid key for your own personal name later....

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Wow! its a good article about anti virus.Kaspersky Internet Security. This KIS is Anti Virus either for home or business use.


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