Easy to Apply Adsense Account

Easy to Apply Adsense Account

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 | Tags: ,
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Lately I've been reading/received a lot of offer regarding service to open adsense account. After receiving this spam in email, I asked my self, is it hard to be approved by Adsense? I don't know so I tried to apply one since my previous account was banned cause of invalid clicks(I don't know what that means). Below is the step I use to apply the account.

How to apply adsense account [author experience]

1. Create a blog from a free blog hosting. Here is the list some of free blog hosting:

* Blogspot.com
* Blogdrive.com
* Ebloggy.com
* Outblogger.com
2. Create 15-30 post in English. The more the better. Make sure that the date for the post you are backward. Example post 1 (25/12/2010), post 2 (12/20/2010), post 3 (12/14/2010) and so on. Try not make the intervene not too great from one another. This is because the if the intervene way too much, that will give the impression to google that you are lazy to make a post. DO NOT PING your post.

3. To make a post, if you are lazy, you can always get articles from the free articles sources. Such as ezine and goarticle. You don't have to change the sentence or spin the article or put the source location.

4.Then, if your blog already reached 15 posts, you can apply adsense account in a correct manner. Do not use black hat or use by any other name. Just use your name, address, and all self respect you. You will need a new gmail account since last ID was banned(if you were ban).

5. Wait for your adsense account to be approve.

Easy, right? They approveed my account within 3 days even though I already have a ban history. I have read one post from the forum, saying "if we are honest, uncle G also must be honest with us." Probably true what they said because if we intend wants to open an adsense account for blackhat tricks to fool the uncle G, you will not be entertained.

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