Start Earning Through Google Adsense with Blog

Start Earning Through Google Adsense with Blog

Monday, June 1, 2009 | Tags:
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Building a blog to earn Google AdSense advertising revenue has become a popular way to make extra money online nowadays. It is easier to earn AdSense income versus generating sales by selling products or services online. However it does involve works, time and money before you start earning from Adsense program. How to start earning with Google Adsense? Here are the steps.

Step 1
Decide the niche or content of your website. You always can write a topic or subject related to your interest, hobbies or experience. That is the best since you will not be bored because of writing something that you do not like.You can also provide educational information and advice on your website if you are expert at something.

Step 2
Here I would suggest you to use free blog service since it's Free and you don't need to spare money for anything. is my first choice. Why use The main reason is is own by Google so it's quite easy to get approved by Google Adsense. It will also give you easy been ranked in Google search engine.

Step 3
Join Google AdSense program. It will usually take several days for Google AdSense team to review and approve your site. If Google accepts your application. You can start learning how to generate AdSense code for inserting to your website to generate Adsense revenue. If your site rejected by Google, don’t get upset easily. Google will let you know the reasons of the rejection. You can fix the problems and reapply again. Please make sure your blog is in English since this language will get easier approval than other language.

Step 4
You need to drive targeted Visitors/Traffic to your website to generate Adsense revenue. The higher your website’s traffic the greater your Adsense earning will be.

Then you will start earning with your Google Adsense program. Just make sure you updating your blog with good info and article regarding your niche.

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4 Responses to Start Earning Through Google Adsense with Blog

  1. lionel1 Says:
  2. Your blog "What It Is And Why You Need One" was a very interesting post. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us, your work is really appreciated. Thanks.

    I run a related blog about Google Adsense, and was recently quoted saying…

    Simply put if you’re reading this, you obviously have interest in the internet. Even if you don’t have your own site, basically the more sites you use Google Adsense on it, the more money you will make.

    Feel free to check out the full blog post on my related blog over at…


  3. Hello,

    This is a very informative article on Google Adsense. I have also written a similar kind of post on my blog too..

    Looking forward to your feedback on this..

    Keep up the good work



  4. Roy Says:
  5. lionel1: Thx for reading the post. Actually my blog wasnt about blogging and google adsense but got some of my friend asking me to make this so here i'm starting writing about blog and google adsense. I'll keep it updated.

    Syed Khalid Mahmood: Great to see you here Khalid. I'll keep my work updated for people out there to make sure they wont lost in doing Google Adsense.

  6. Anonymous Says:
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