What is Trojan Virus and How to Remove It

What is Trojan Virus and How to Remove It

Friday, December 12, 2008 | Tags:
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Do you want to learn how to remove Trojan virus on your PC? This is a problem that I had experienced before, and many people have encountered this problem before. This article will discuss more about Trojans and how you can get rid of them in under 5 minutes.

1. What Is A Trojan Virus?

Trojans are different from a typical virus in the sense that it does not duplicate itself in the computer. They disguise themselves as .exe programs and sneak by a PC's defenses easily.

2. How I Managed To Remove The Trojan Virus On My PC?

My PC was infected by a Trojan before, and unfortunately my existing computer defense software could not do anything about it. It was able to find the Trojan but was unable to delete it. They would then show bogus error messages and repeatedly directed me to download other programs claiming to be security PC software.

Eventually, I downloaded a piece of software on the internet, and it helped me scan and get rid of the Trojan in the system. It is now keeping my PC safe, and you can download your copy of this software at the website link at the end of this article.

3. How Does A Trojan Virus Infect A PC?

The most common way is for the user to open and execute programs that contain the Trojan. Examples include opening emails and malicious websites. File exchange through Internet Relay Chat and peer to peer networks are also common ways that Trojan can spread amongst computers.

4. Can You Remove The Trojan Virus Manually?

Removing this threat manually can be very time consuming and difficult, even for technical experts. Simply using a Trojan spyware remover is usually the better solution. All that is needed is a scan and remove process, a reboot and everything should be fine again.

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