Help for Those who Aspire for SCSA Certification

Help for Those who Aspire for SCSA Certification

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Solaris OS (Operating System) is so popular that numerous companies use it. The reasons behind the success of Solaris OS are scalability, security, availability and reliability. Thus, the Operating System satisfies the demands posed by modern computer users and applications. As all certifications validate the technical knowledge of the test takers like Testking , more and more technical people are taking certification tests seriously.

Sun Certified System Administrator certification is available for Solaris OS versions 8, 9 and 10. All of these certifications involve clearing a couple of exams which is called as Part 1 exam and Part 2 exam. Consider the situation when you have already obtained the certification for an older version; in that case, you must pass the exams meant for upgrade, for whatever version you wish.

For version 10 of Solaris OS, the Part 1 and Part 2 exams are referred by the codes CX-310-200 and CX-310-202. The upgrade exam is denoted by the code CX-310-203. The exams of Solaris OS version 9 are known by the numbers CX-310-014 and CX-310-015. The number associated with the upgrade exam is CX-310-016.

The basic SUN certification level is the Associate level. It is possible to clear the Sun Certified Solaris Associate exam, if he/she knows basic UNIX and Solaris OS. After that, if the person has knowledge in system administration of Solaris OS, he/she can plan to become a Sun Certified System Administrator. As a succession to this, if the candidate is experienced in system administration with respect to Solaris OS security/ network administration, he can aim for the specialty certification.

The professional certifications of Solaris OS are as follows- Sun Certified Security Administrator (SCSECA), Sun Certified Network Administrator (SCNA), Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) and Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS).

As mentioned above, SUN certification preparation are for specific job roles. As a general rule, for any SUN certification, you should use your work experience and SUN training. It is left to the candidate to make best use of the training. For some certification exams of SUN, there are pre-assessments available at the website of SUN which is free of cost. The pre-assessments judge the proficiency level of the test taker. This is very useful and you should use it for your benefit.

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